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Here's my list of wishes!

For Seaward I requested Cally and West. I'd have asked for Peth or Snake, but was too late for nominations... ah well. If you want to write me something of Cally and the Snake anyways, I'd be a happy little hamster. Maybe she finds the Snake again, in dreams or...ummm... in flesh? (I'm not averse to a little pr0n here.) Or else who was the ancestor (ancestress?) that was the selkie in her family and how does she find it out? Or else you could just write me some Cally&/West. Maybe they grow up and find each other again just to see that they are no longer interested in each other that way, or they find each other only after several decades...and what then? Go bittersweet, go crazy, go fantastic, I'll read happily whatever you can offer.

For my Discworld reqs I have some specifics, choose whatever you want or at least keep the general feel of Discworld, and I'll wuv you anyways.

Tiffany Aching: (Note: I haven't yet read I Shall Wear Midnight, although there is a possibility I'll be able to get it before Yuletide, so please nothing that requires knowledge of that book. I don't mind spoilers, but I hate obscure references I don't get. I'll notify here if I finish the book before December.) Got it, read it, loved it.Never mind the note. ;) Um. I'd like something of Tiffany's childhood and her everyday life with her grandmother (while she was alive), or else some adventures with the Nac Mac Feegle somewhere along the first two books. Or else some interaction between Tiffany and Granny Weatherwax (my other great favourite).

Granny Weatherwax: Anything! Tell me something of her early romance with Mustrum Ridcully and exactly why it never happened. Tell me something she and Nanny Ogg did together. Tell me a story of her being her own magnificent self and at the same time a little fragile and dependent, as she always refrains to say. Maybe she uses headology against someone? Maybe she defeats Death once again, just because it is Right?

Havelock Vetinari: The everyday routine of a master of the city machine is set, but what happens when something breaks that routine? Make him scheme. Make him be ruthless and decisive. Make him... silly? Or tell me just how he got into the place he is now. Which strings did he have to pull (or create)? How did he manage to find so many people willing to work for him, and how does he keep their loyalty? Who is behind him, actually? (Yes, go silly on this one. XD)

I requested only Aphrael, because again I was too late in nominating my favourite characters*. =( But. The Tamuli ends with her as Danae, heir to the throne and having to actually grow up. Yeeeees... how does she manage that and what shenanigans will she have to endure whilst growing? Will she end up with Talen or does someone else get in the way? Or did she take notice on the Tamuli system of spouses and now wants to put that into effect... with some spices thrown in? I want funny, silly, speculative and annoying. ;) Or else something about how she manages all her multiple personalities. Or maybe she has some we haven't seen yet? A little Styric girl here or there with strange powers and annoying character?

(*Sir Bevier! I <3 him shamelessly. If you can sneak him in, I'll squee so loud you'll be able to hear it.)

And then something in general. I like my fics as follows:
-Faithful to the characters and the feel of the world.
-With a liberal dose of humour, if you can manage it; if not, it's okay.
-Rather more fluffy than angsty, except if requested otherwise. Wistful is nice, sad is good, but plain angst without relief isn't exactly what I want to read for Yuletide.
-Romance is optional, I'm not averse to sex, but I'm not actually requesting any (well, maybe one). My squicks are: non-consensual sex, explicit violence in any form including mental, anything involving bodily secretions (I know people are supposed to go to bathroom even in fiction, but do I have to read about it?), and blood. Thus none of these in sexual or romantic connections, please.
-With a good story. Tell me a story and tell it well, and I'll return to it many times. A snippet of life is nice, too, if your plot bunnies escape. And if all you manage to whip up is PWP, you won't hear me complaining... XD

Most of all, dear Yuletide writer, I hope you have a good time writing. If you had fun writing, even if it isn't exactly what I requested, I'll be happy. I really am somewhat flexible on what I want to read, and as long as you take my little squicks into regard, I'll love it.

<3, Pikku Gen

Date: 2011-11-17 09:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] anelma-unelma.livejournal.com
:D Love the icon!

Date: 2011-11-17 10:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pikku-gen.livejournal.com
Hee, I've had it a good while now. There just isn't too many uses for it anymore...


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