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First of all, let me thank you for offering any of my fandoms! I'm really very easy to please, so don't worry.

Munchkin Cthulhu! I'm a fan of Munchkin games and this one in particular, and like a little geek I am, I love to make stories of the characters while I play. Now. *rubs hands* Obviously, the main Cultist (the one on all the generic Cultist cards) has A Thing with the main Inspector (the bald guy in all the generic Inspector cards). Why else would they sneak onto each other and run together from monsters and stuff? Maybe they are EpicHate!Lovers, maybe they're Long Lost Brothers, maybe they're [your choice here]. Tell me! And I've mentioned my two favourite monsters, so I'd love to read something in which they're involved. Exactly how does disemvoweling work IRL? What happens after Lloyd Lloigor llicks you with his llong, lloathsome... youknowwhat? Feel free to include any and all of your own favourites, including your favourite gadgets (SPUD GUN!) and other cards (...in a Million Year's Sleep). I only hope the Stars Are Right for this one to happen.

Seaward - one of my favourite fandoms. I asked for Cally, Rhiannon, Peth and Snake, and basically I just want anything on any of the characters. Preferably something on their origins, especially Rhiannon's and Peth's. I've asked for this in previous Yuletides, so feel free to lurk around in my LJ for more clues.

Ah, Hobb. Most of all I'd like to hear something about Nettle and Dutiful, how it will be for them to grow up, and about Kettricken instilling the virtues of her people to them (and the trouble Nettle might have for it). I also love Amber and I want to know everything about her (yes I know, but I love him in his Amber form, shuddup) and I'd love to have an AU version where he really changed into Amber just to be near Fitz in a form he'd understand and love. Or anything. Really. I'm easy.

Jurassic park. My favourite childhood dinosaur movies... I'm weird, I know. But. I have two major pairings here: Alan/Billy and Robert Muldoon/Clever Girl. Something about either. No dino sex necessary, but I Believe there were Feelings. What if he was a reptilian to start with? What if she was imprinted to him at birth and now believes he's her daddy or something? Do they have a History? (Of mutual distaste and outwitting each other, sure thing...) Tell me! Otherwise just some cute Alan/Billy (and don't forget the Hat). I love dinosaurs, so cookie points for accurate use of different species in any (un)necessary place. ;)

And some general lines: I'm flexible as to what I want to read. Usually I prefer fluffy to angsty and I like well-defined plots, but whatever is easy to you. I'm comfortable with any rating and neither mind nor demand explicit sex scenes. My squicks include explicit violence, especially towards the defenceless, non-con sex, and bullying, and although I've been known to read and like stories including these, I'd prefer not having them for my Yuletide. Run wild with the characters, have fun with the story, add a splash of (bad) humour, and you have me. Even more cookie points for passing the Bechdel Test and/or the Mako Mori test (The Mako Mori test is passed if the movie/fic has: a) at least one female character; b) who gets her own narrative arc; c) that is not about supporting a man’s story. http://chaila.tumblr.com/post/58379322134/spider-xan-also-i-was-thinking-more-about-why) But don't worry if you can't, because of the characters I've chosen. This is supposed to be fun for everyone, right? Go have some, and have my thanks. ;)


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