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Dark Is Rising Sequence - Susan Cooper

I asked for Jane, Greenwitch and Tethys. I loved the dream sequence where Jane talks to the Greenwitch, so more of the same (at a later time?) would be fine. Maybe the Witch remembers her for a long time and returns to her every now and then, or maybe Jane returns to Cornwall to make a new Witch sometime later? Also, persuading Tethys to let the Witch out of the sea deeps must not be easy for any of them...

Jeeves - P. G. Wodehouse

Anything! I love anything where Bertie gets into (lady) trouble and Jeeves pulls him out by the ear. Literally or figuratively. Also anything horrible that Bertie wears and Jeeves wants to throw away is a bonus. I totally ship them together but don't feel obliged to write any romance unless you feel like it (please do, if you want, though).

Krabat | The Satanic Mill - Otfried Preußler

So wonderful to have this here! I love the story, the Master, Krabat and Tonda, and the kantorka, of course. Tell me something they did during their years in the mill, or what happened afterwards.

I prefer fluffy to angsty, or at least a happy ending if the story is scary or sad, with some humor if it fits the story, and good storytelling. I'm really happy with anything, so have fun, dear writer! If you have a story to tell, I'll read it.
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