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I've been very nice this year, so here's my List of Wishes for Yuletide:

Munchkin Cthulhu (Board Game)

I asked for Inspector, Cultist, Tht Whch Hs N Vwls and Lloyd Lloigor. My favourite pairing, the main Inspector and the main Cultist! I don't mind if you make them lovers, brothers, alienated friends or sworn enemies, just make them adventure through the madness that is Munchkin Cthulhu. I listed two of my dearly beloved monsters, but feel free to drop in some Goths or Cowthulhus or whatever. And make good use of all the fantastic items in the game! Fun (and not so fun) for all, and I'll be happy. (I've asked for this same treat some years ago, the post should still be here: http://pikku-gen.livejournal.com/144829.html#cutid1)

Azur et Asmar (2006)

The most beautiful children's movie in quite a while, and I love all the characters! Azur and Asmar should have had more adventures together. (I may ship them a little bit, but if that isn't your piece of cake, I'll take friendship and brothers fic any time.) I've asked for them also here: http://pikku-gen.livejournal.com/144109.html if you want something more specific.

The 13½ lives of Captain Bluebear

I love this book, the silly characters, the crazy world, the weird words and concepts. I had an idea ages ago about these three characters (here: http://pikku-gen.livejournal.com/144109.html), but anything you can cook up will be fine. Put in some crazy stories and funny accidents, and I'm a happy reader.

Some general guidelines: I love humor, fluff, adventures, world-building, don't mind mature themes (but I don't know if I managed to wish anything that would really merit the M rating, oops) but generic is just fine too. Have fun writing! I'll surely have fun reading.

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