Nov. 17th, 2011

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Here's my list of wishes!

Seaward )

Discworld )

Elenium/Tamuli series )

And then something in general. I like my fics as follows:
-Faithful to the characters and the feel of the world.
-With a liberal dose of humour, if you can manage it; if not, it's okay.
-Rather more fluffy than angsty, except if requested otherwise. Wistful is nice, sad is good, but plain angst without relief isn't exactly what I want to read for Yuletide.
-Romance is optional, I'm not averse to sex, but I'm not actually requesting any (well, maybe one). My squicks are: non-consensual sex, explicit violence in any form including mental, anything involving bodily secretions (I know people are supposed to go to bathroom even in fiction, but do I have to read about it?), and blood. Thus none of these in sexual or romantic connections, please.
-With a good story. Tell me a story and tell it well, and I'll return to it many times. A snippet of life is nice, too, if your plot bunnies escape. And if all you manage to whip up is PWP, you won't hear me complaining... XD

Most of all, dear Yuletide writer, I hope you have a good time writing. If you had fun writing, even if it isn't exactly what I requested, I'll be happy. I really am somewhat flexible on what I want to read, and as long as you take my little squicks into regard, I'll love it.

<3, Pikku Gen


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