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Here's my wishlist for this wonderful Yuletide!

Azur et Asmar: I asked for all the characters, but I wish for something a bit different. What if the Fées decided otherwise? Or the princes? What if the princes decided they had been through so much together they wanted to stay that way? (My favourite scenario of the three.) So, yes, I want the end scene rewritten and people ending up in different combinations. Otherwise, feel free to do some world-building and character-building and use whatever you want of the lovely, lovely movie. I'm not averse to some mature content, but you don't have to go there if you're not comfortable with it. (On the other hand, this children's movie is rated something obscene because of a BARE BOOB!11!OMG!eleven! so, yeah.)

Babylon 5: Ahhh, my favourite show (or one of them, anyways)! I asked for Bester, Franklin, Sinclair and Ivanova, who make a splendid combo attitude-wise. So. Shenanigans! Take anything fit for this combo and make them act accordingly. I want a scheming, ruthless and damn annoying Bester, a sharp-tongued and sharp-witted (and scared to death) Ivanova, a sweet but over-worked Franklin (what made him stand against Bester, anyways?) and a calm, serene and decisive Sinclair. Or if you can't "write me another episode of my favourite show", just make some character sketches, anything. I so <3 them I don't care. Just...moar B5 plz asdfasdfasdf. Ahem. Being rational again. I want a whole show based on B5 again. Sniff.

Captain Bluebear: I was thinking of the bit where Bluebear has just left the Nightingale's Academy and finds a note from Fredda in the caverns. Did Fredda meet the Troglotroll, and if she did, did she fall in love with him, too? The story is likely sad, Troglotroll being the troll he is... but I'd like to hear it. Otherwise anything of Fredda, Bluebear and/or Troglotroll would be nice. <3 if you can sneak in any weird creatures from the amazing world of Zamonia. Cookie points for random Encyclopedia entries. =)

Seaward: I asked for Calliope, again; I could cite my last year's letter except I got some excellent stories then. But there's never enough! I still need to know who was the selkie ancestress of Cally. And I want to see her interact more with the strange creatures in the world.

In other words, dear Yuletide writer, I'll take whatever you can write and I'll wuv it and read it again and again and again and... you get the drift. Just be true to the characters, build some world... and have fun. I love me a good world-building.
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