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Ohh, the choices. I might give my body to scientific use, or artistic use, or both (http://www.bodiestheexhibition.com/about-the-exhibition.html) or then I might want to play a bit with possible future archeologists. I might want to have my body buried in full Viking garb and paraphernalia into a site where it might theoretically be preserved for several centuries.

All this notwithstanding, cremation is always an option. Unfortunately the laws state all the ashes should be deposited in the same place (or scattered), otherwise I might want a pinch of me taken to all the places where I never went even though I wanted. Otherwise under a rowan tree would be just fine.
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Well. Depends on several things. First, poisonous or not? If both were poisonous, I think I'd still choose snakes - snake venom seems to be quicker. If one species was poisonous and the other wasn't, I'd choose the non-poisonous one. Even if it was spiders. I might live with the horror. (Or might not.)

If both species were not venomous, then snakes without question. Constrictors might be a little iffy, depending whether they've been fed, their size, the temperature of the pit etc. But I'd still take my chances with the snakes, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and one question would be, whether I'd be tossed in or could I just kind of wade in? Snakes bite easily if they're disturbed by a Gen-sized object dropping on them. Then again I might crush quite a lot of spiders dropping on them... scratch that, I hate the thought of having crushed spider all over me. XP But compared to living crawling spiders... Okay, they would have to toss me into a spider pit, I would prefer to walk into a snake pit. There. Happy now? =)
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Something green and icky sweet - with a twist. Guava juice, lime and some green booze? I'm not good at fashioning new drinks, but I know people who are.

BTW, what would you put into a Pikku Gen drink? ;D (Looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] skinship...)
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I'm pretty certain there is, but the trouble is there's so much universe (and even this galaxy) we're likely to never know or find out about it. I'm not afraid of possible contact as such, since information is probably the only thing we could exchange.

And *points to the icon* I'd be the first one to say hello if something actually came and dropped by... XD Xenophile to the core.
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Weeeeelllll... there are many. Then again, every single time I think I managed to learn something from the situations I'd like to evade. And some of them are so early in the life I don't think I could foresee what I'd be without them. I am what I've experienced, I think.

So maybe I'd just go to the 13-year self, hug her and say it'll be all right in a few years, don't take it so seriously. And I'd tell the 18-year-old self to either forget the guy or go and do something about him, dammit.

Oh, and I'd tell the 25-year-old self to effing go and finish her studies, it's not like it's so difficult, dammit. The profs won't bite if you go and ask for help, well, others than Y, anyway. And I'm not so sure about him, either. Or maybe I should tell her to go and kick him?... I'd love to see that future. XD
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This. It was made by a friend, I like penguins, but it seems I'm far too nice to actually say it to anyone these days... although all the possible gods know there'd be reasons to use it every now and then. XD


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